Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Morning

Spring is here! Our energy levels are up and everyone is getting the days started early. We got a ton of work done over the weekend both inside and out of the house. Today started out great. The girls were up early and my youngest was done with school by 9:30. We have a ton of errands to do this afternoon but I hope to get these done quickly so we have plenty of time to play outdoors.

My youngest did well today in all of her subjects. I ditched the level 1 easy readers and picked out easy readers from the nonfiction section and she is doing much better. She has also gotten over a hurdle in math and is doing great at addition within 40 using the abacus. We also started a lapbook on the Sahara desert.

I moved everyone to the kitchen table for school but my oldest still has attention wandering problems but I think we got decent work done today. She enjoyed the science lesson on bats and then we started working on her wildlife habitat project for 4-H. I thought it would tie in nicely with the science we are doing right now. Independent work is going OK. She started a lapbook on inventors and I am having her write original sentences using word banks.

This week is one of the lighter ones for the month. We have errands and the library today, tomorrow is 4-H and Friday we have playgroup. Next week it is light but the last two weeks is very, very busy. We only have five weeks left and then we will be taking summer break in May while the weather is nice.

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