Monday, April 19, 2010

Goals for Fifth Grade

I have the fifth grade course of study and goals written up for the 2010/2011 school year. Here they are:

Language arts
Composition--to move from sentence writing to paragraph to page.
Reading--to read textbooks and chapter books on her own.
Grammar--to explore harder grammar concepts and work with those she already knows.
Spelling--to gain confidence in spelling skills.

Texts/curriculum--Oak Meadow 5, word banks, Spell to Write and Read, and Montessori Albums

Texts--Rod and Staff 4/5 and Singapore Math 4b/5a

Topics to explore--rounding, multiplication/division, fractions, averages, measurement, decimals, symmetry, solids, volume, factors, multiples, primes, area of a triangle, ratio and angles.

Goal--fully cement skills in multiplication/division and fractions.

Oak Meadow 5
Biographies of US presidents
Topic--US presidents

Oak Meadow 5/6
Topics to explore--anatomy, physics, basics and botany.

Hands of a Child Lapbooks
Goal--to do lapbooks independently.

I think we have good goals and a nice course of study planned for this year. Oak Meadow has really made things manageable and rounded out. I no longer worry about gaps or not doing enough. With the goals I tried to really go with where I think she will be able to go this year.

Last year I set her goals too high and we had to revamp things early on. I think that she will make plenty of progress with this plan and still enjoy school work.

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