Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fifth Grade Plans

I think we have a general overview of what fifth grade will look like too.

1st Quarter (June-Aug)
Grammar: prepositions, interjections, conjunctions and pronouns
SWR: Lists L-M2
History: Franklin to the Frontier (lessons 19-28)
Science: Biomes, water cycle, pollution, recycle, astronomy and weather (lessons 12-20)
Lapbooks: inventors, ??
Composition: sentences to paragraphs

Singapore 4b decimal work
Rod and Staff large numbers, graph, measurement, and 2-digit multiplication

2nd Quarter (Aug to December)
Grammar: Rod and Staff 3 units 1 & 2?
SWR: Lists M3-N8
History: Mexican American War to Hoover and the Great Depression (lesson 28-end)
Science: Weather, life science, cells, body, energy (lessons 20-28)
Lapbooks: ??
Composition: paragraphs

Singapore 4b measurement, symmetry, solids and volume
Rod and Staff 4b fractions, metric, multiplication and division work

December: Christmas Around the World

3rd Quarter (January to April)
Grammar: Rod and Staff 3 units 3-5
SWR: Lists O-Q2
History: Roosevelt to Obama and Stone Age and Ancient Egypt
Science: Energy, electricity, flight (Lesson 28-end) Botany
Lapbooks: ??
Composition: 3 paragraphs/1 page writing

Singapore 5a
Rod and Staff 5a

The third quarter is pretty tentative. But it looks like this is the direction in which we are going.

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