Sunday, April 25, 2010

Egpyt Birthday Party

It was very hard to pull together an Ancient Egypt themed party. My daughter and I made this out of cardboard, paper (end rolls from the newspaper) and then we painted it yellow and then brown to shows the stones.

The cake had a pyramid drawn on it and we used yellow plates, cups and utensils. Then I put out yellow table cloths so that it looked all golden.

For activities, I gave each child a chart of hieroglyphics and a page that had a secret message for them to decode. Only problem was that several letters have the same sound and use the same glyph. For example o and u both use a small bird. I ended up helping the kids with the messages.

For a project they made pendants. I cut out ovals from yellow construction paper and went online to this site: to translate each child's name. I had to copy and paste each hieroglyphic to get their names to print. The children then decorated them with glitter glue.

It was a fun party.

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