Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's in the box?

This is what we have planned for next week:

4th grade

Box 1--grammar: capitalization notebooking pages, writing a letter and exercises on types of sentences.

Box 2--Latin: Reviewing declining the nouns from Vocabulary list B and verb endings and conjugation of verbs.

Box 3--history/science: Explorers, forests, balance of nature & cooperation and competition in nature.

Box 4--Challenging Word Problems 4

Box 5--Independent work:
math: Rod and Staff Math problems on long division and starting fraction work.
lapbook: dolphins
spelling: list K-2
copywork: copying the paper she composed on "Rabbits make Good Pets."

Second grade

Box 1--reading/phonics: sh, sl, easy readers and practicing reading word lists.

Box 2--main Lesson: 5's, daily rhythms, a phonics sentence and a sentence about one of the fables.

Box 3--math: Singapore math--work on addition within 20, doubles, 9's doubles plus or minus 1, etc.
Rod and Staff-- 12, 9, 3, reviewing time and place value

Box 4--putting together the Antarctica lapbook

Box 5--listening to "Peeps in Ancient Egypt" and making the model of the Egyptian mummy. She will do any copywork at this time.

I think we have a good week lined up. What's in your boxes?

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