Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's in the box? Second Grade

Wondering what my second grader will be doing next week? Here is what is in her boxes:

Box 1--Reading/phonics: easy readers, pr, scr, short a words

Box 2--Main lesson: 5's, daily rhythm of our selves

Box 3--Math: time and money, the trio of 6, 5, 11. We should finish addition and subtraction within 11 this week.

Box 4--Lapbooks: Antarctica will probably be finished up this week and we will put it and the one on penguins together in her binder.

Egypt is done and needs to be put together.

Box 5--Copywork/Read aloud: listening to Peeps in Ancient Egypt while she does copywork about Ancient Egypt. We should finish the big coffin in her mummy kit and start work on the inner coffin next week. We will also work on some craft projects.

At bedtime, we will be reading some books about Ancient Egypt. We just finished Cat Mummies. I think that it will be a good week. So what is in your boxes?

1 comment:

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your schedule! We are thinking about going back to workboxes. A modified version, but still workboxes.


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