Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning

The only bad thing about taking a break is that it is usually a rocky start when we go back to work. I did decide to ease into things a little and we started the day with a movie before having a light work day. It was still very difficult filled with much whining.

My youngest doesn't get scared easily and we watched "The Mummy" last night and "Return of the Mummy" this morning. It was kind of funny listening to my youngest as she pointed out all the stuff that the movies got wrong like Anubis being a bad person when he was actually considered good by ancient Egyptians. She wants to see "The Scorpion King" now and wants to learn more about the earlier periods of Egypt.

During the movie, we worked on putting together the inner coffin from out make a mummy kit. There is a chance we may have the whole thing finished by the end of the week but it should be done next week.

My youngest did great at reading when she paid attention but was a total clown when it came to working on math and even stuck her fingers in her ears as we worked on the "with 9 you get the one behind" concept. Not good.

My oldest had a meltdown with her spelling worksheet but once I explained it to her she got all the answers right away. Her lapbook piece and copying her rabbit paper went well. Math is long division but easy long division review work but she still had a hard time. We also worked on more times that you capitalize.

I'm not sure where we are going in Latin. The review isn't going well but I almost hate to go back and have her do all the material over again. I am thinking of putting it on hold until my youngest is ready to start Latin and teaching them together but starting with Minimus again and then working through Lively Latin. I really need to think about this.

It was a rocky morning but I think the week will turn out OK.


Anonymous said...

You are so right about that transition from break to school. We get alot of "I don't wanna!" after a break, which is why we don't take the summer off. LOL

Hope everybody moves more smoothly back into the homeschooling groove tomorrow. :)

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. I've had bad attitude all day from my oldest so we will see how the rest of the week goes but my youngest has turned around.

We spent a lot of the day talking about Egypt and of course the Science Channel is having a marathon of shows tonight about Egypt. Lol.


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