Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Morning

We got an early start this morning and things went fairly well. My oldest started her dolphin lapbook today and we tried listening to The Cat of Bubastes on Livrox but it was boring.

I decided to skip some of the work in Singapore 1b on addition/subtraction within 20 until after my dd has some more of that material down. So we are working on fractions this week instead and will work on the addition/subtraction work once we have completed more of the work in Rod and Staff.

Also, for this daughter, I am researching French programs. She wants to learn French and I am agreeable that it would be a good language for her to learn. She wants to go to France one day and if she goes into archaeology of one sort or another (paleontology to Egyptology) then it is a language she needs to know how to read in. If you have suggestions, I would be interested in them.

My oldest is doing well with her work and the Latin is going well. I am almost ready to put her back on track with math. We took a break from Singapore 4a because she became stuck in fractions due to not knowing her multiplication/division facts well so we have been doing a lot of review. I think that within the next two weeks we will pick up things where we left off.

Otherwise, all is good and I am happy with the progress made. It is so much nicer now than before the holidays when we had so much trouble over school. They really struggled and now things are running smooth again. Yeah!

How was your Monday morning?


Anonymous said...

Does it seem like things are in a nice routine now? It certainly sounds that way! So, hooray for a good start to your week!

CloseAcademy said...

I think having the stress of the holidays behind us and my youngest having a passion for something has really helped.


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