Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lemony Snickett

As many of you know, we have been reading A Series of Unfortunate Events this year. We are currently on The Hostile Hospital which is the eight book. Why are we reading a series of books that seem so dark?

These books are great for grammar and vocabulary. They are filled with expressions, definitions and are well-written. The books are a bit dark, filled sarcasm but they also have mystery and adventure.

We have all really enjoyed reading these this year and over the summer will probably finish them off. I have to give this series an A+. We've tried other series of books but have found them to be too formulaic or too boring. Even the American girl books lost their charm after we had read through the book sets for 6 different girls. We've not read Josephina, Addy, Julie, Kaya or Rebecca.

But Lemony Snickett has kept our interest and keeps us off-track. If you're looking for a series of books then you might want to try these out.

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