Saturday, March 6, 2010

A House Rabbit: an update

Having a rabbit in the house is like getting a cross between a dog and a cat. She follows us around, sleeps at our feet and stands on her hind legs by the fridge to beg for fruits and veggies. She also uses a litter box, cleans herself and is fairly self-sufficient. I think if you can't decide between a cat or a dog then a rabbit may be you best bet.
In the top picture you see Sweetheart on her blankie with her toys. She often spends time napping and washing on her blanket.
The bottom picture has the cats and our bunny in the cat tower. There is a Club Penguin penguin in the middle. Everyone has their own spot on this tower but this was the first time we caught all three of them together.
Sweetheart has tried to engage the cats. The white one was laying on a chair taking a nap when our bunny jumped up and tried to groom her by nipping at her fur and licking her. Our cat swatted Sweetheart and has been ignoring her ever since.
Our little orange cat would like to play with our bunny but I think she is afraid that one of them might get hurt.
It has been fun having a house bunny although she is now corralled into just one room until she gets better with her litter boxes. She gets so excited when she goes other places that she has little parties where she drops tons of pellets. I read that they do better in smaller spaces.

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Anonymous said...

What precious photos. It will be interesting to see how the cats and Sweetheart get along after a few months together.

Looking forward to updates!


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