Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Audio Books for Ancient Egypt

We've about run out of lapbook type of stuff to do for Egypt. I do have a pile of books we are reading at bedtime but my daughter still wants more things to do for school time. She also doesn't like the Animals Stories book from Oak Meadow so I thought it might be nice to drop that and fill in with an audio book about Egypt.

After scanning through LibriVox for things. We found a couple of boring books and then someone on the Well Trained Mind boards linked this site:

I decided to check it out and found that they had a link to this:

The chapters are short and not too dull. I had dismissed the peeps books in the past but I think that it will be a nice little story to listen to while she does her copywork and I work on the mummy project.

We are also looking at doing a few projects out of this book:

She wants to make the cat mummy (made out of tube socks), canopic jars (made out of soap bottles), and the bracelet and necklace (made out of dyed macaroni). So over the weekend, I need to make a trip to Hobby-Lobby and pick up a number of items to finish out these projects.

Sounds like fun.

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Rose said...

Thank you so much for posting the link to My Audio School. I checked it out and we are going to begin using it tomorrow. I am so excited about this site and I know my son especially will enjoy it.


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