Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The deadline to turn in paperwork for our local 4-H is the beginning of next month. So it is now time for us to decide what projects we are going to do. So far we have decided on:

Caged Critters--my daughter gets to show off her bunny as a pet

Creative Writing--between the activity we did at a meeting and the poetry lapbook we have 2/3 of this project done

Arts & Crafts: Clay--she loves to work in clay and is very creative when it comes to making small animals

We are also looking at:

Rabbit--the poster project

Wildlife--the poster on food chains ties in with our Oak Meadow science

Arts & Crafts--cross stitch, knitting or crocheting if we can find time to do a project


Foods--she wants to do this

Genealogy--I have all the information but the book wasn't in the last time we went.

Microwave foods--again she wants to do this one. It is making fudge.

I want her to do several projects so that she has the experience. Do you do 4-H? Have you been thinking about projects yet?

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