Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's in the box?

What do we have planned for next week? How are the carts working out? What's in your boxes?

All these questions. The carts are working out well. I am really liking them and the girls like them as well. The move out of the way easily and make nice tables. I think that I like this method of boxing the best so far.

So what is in those boxes for next week? Since everyone has their own tower, I am going to go through their boxes individually.

Since I start working with my oldest first, here are the boxes for 4th grade:

Box 1--Grammar & Composition: notebooking capital letter usage, two days she will work on adjective and adverb exercises and two days will be spent in writing her closing sentence and the first paragraph of her paper on rabbits.

Box 2--Latin: Decline 3 nouns from vocabulary list A, learn about nominative, genitive and dative.

Box 3--Science/History: food chains & webs & energy, colonial trades and we will attempt to make a clay pot.

Box 4--Math instruction: review of word problems that contain more than 1 step and using rod diagrams in 3b.

Box 5--Independent work:
math review on multiplication in Rod and Staff
Lapbook on Dolphins
Copywork on cats
reading a book of her choice

Box 6--file folder games to reinforce skills

Now for 2nd grade:

Box 1--Reading/Phonics: easy reader, gr, bl and short a sound words

Box 2--Main lesson: 2's table, copy poem, rhythm of self

Box 3--Math: Singapore: addition within 40
Rod and Staff: 4, 7, 11

Box 4--Lapbooks: Antarctica and Egypt, there is also the timeline of Egypt and the mummy made out of paper kit.

Box 5--Read Aloud/Copywork: she has copywork on horses, a poem and Egypt.

Box 6--Games

We are currently doing read alouds at bedtime. We are reading The Vile Village and Mummy Cats. I think that next week should be a good week. What's in your boxes?

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Norah said...

Sounds like a busy week!


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