Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's in the box?

So what do we have planned for next week? Lots of exciting (not really) educational opportunities. But it should be a good week and this is what is in the box:

Box 1--Reading: Second grade: Step into Reading level 1 readers, the blends fr and gl as well as practicing old word families and blends. She will also spend some time observing birds for science.

Fourth grade: reading Akiko

Box 2--Math: Second grade: 11, 8, 3 and working on addition/subtraction within 40, and the 2's table.

Fourth grade: Multiplication with 9s review work, word problems and visual times tables.

Box 3--Lapbooks: Second grade: Egypt and Antarctica

Fourth grade: She will finish the Rabbit lapbook this week. Who knows what she will choose next.

Box 4--Read Aloud: We are reading about Paddy Muskrat and reading the book, The Vile Village.

Box 5--Copywork: They generally do this while I read.
Second grade: a poem entitled "In The Wood" and horses

Fourth grade: pets and cats

Fourth grade only:

Box 6--Grammar: notebooking 4 types of sentences, working with nouns and verbs and making an outline and writing sentences for her paper on rabbits.

Box 7--Spelling: List J-5, contractions and derivatives.

Box 8--Latin: Yes, it is back! We will review gender, 1st declension and decline 3 nouns a day from the first Vocabulary list.

Box 9--Science: ecosystems, we are also working on a lapbook to go along with these studies.

History: cross stitch and Puritans.

Wow! We've got things ramped up again. I'm working with my oldest one-on-one for about 30 minutes a day and my youngest for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. My oldest also does about 30-60 minutes of independent work. So what is in your boxes?

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