Friday, February 12, 2010

What's in the box?

Last week we had mixed results due to illness but I have hopes that with everyone on the mend we will have a good week. So what do we have planned?

Box 1--Reading: Second grade: easy readers, fl, br, and writing phonics based sentences.

Fourth grade: a book of her choice.

Box 2--Math: Second grade: main lesson about the 2's tables, working on addition within 40, and 11, 8, and 3 combo.

Fourth grade: multiplication/division review with 8s and word problem techniques. We are also going to work with visual multiplication techniques.

Box 3--Lapbooks: Second grade: finishing up the horse lapbook and putting it together and then we have some more Ancient Egypt pieces on mummies and architecture to work on over the next few weeks.

Fourth grade: Rabbits as pets, shelter, and feeding.

Box 4--Read Aloud: poetry, Muskrat stories and The Vile Village. We are also working on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at bedtime.

Forth grade only:

Box 5--Grammar: contractions and writing sentences.

Box 6--Spelling: List J-4, plurals, adjectives, alliteration.

Box 7--Science: the earth and composting. I am also adding in a lapbook on ecosystems.
History: colonial children and the witch trials of Salem.

I think that we have a good line-up for the week. My oldest doesn't care for colonial history and wants to study the presidents more so I may be making changes in the weeks to come on that. So what's in your boxes?


Our Westmoreland School said...

You could use the Washington to teach about colonial America (at the least the tail end of it). His death was known as the end of colonial medicine.

It sounds like the boxes are full, good job :)

sunnykim said...

Nothing in my boxes yet!

We plan to start using workboxes "next" school year after we move this summer. Thanks for the inspiration!

Daisy said...

A study of the Presidents sounds like fun. I'd love to do something like that.


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