Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's in the box?

So what are we doing next week?

We have two afternoon field trips lined up. The first is on Monday to the local children's museum and the second is on Wednesday to the Post Office. How much fun is that?

I think that we have a good week lined up and that we are finally getting to the meat of Oak Meadow. I think it will be a good week.

Box 1--Reading: Second grade: easy readers, blends cr, dr, reading and writing sentences using past word "families."

Fourth grade: reading on her own Akiko.

Box 2--Math: Second grade: the 2's table, working on numbers within 40, base 10 kit, number cards and 11 facts.

Fourth grade: reviewing multiplication with 7 and 8, word problems

Box 3--Lapbook: Second grade: finishing the Egypt one, working on body language, training, working and the power of horses.

Fourth grade: life cycle, predators, protection and rabbits as pets.

Box 4--Read Aloud: Finishing up Jolly Robin and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. We hope to pick up The Vile Village.

Fourth grade only:

Box 5--Spelling: list j-3, dge, -less, -ful, -ment, homonyms, helping verbs

Box 6--Grammar: moods of verbs command, statement, wish and passive verses active voice.

Box 7--Science: Environment and ecosystems.

History: Colonial living and we will make a family tree. We are also going to salvage the colonial lapbook and start marking things in our timeline.

What do you have in your plans/boxes for the week?

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