Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekly Report February 18, 2010

It is so nice to have everyone well again. This week went much better and I feel like we made a lot of progress. We had better attitudes and got a lot of work done.

Reading is going well for my youngest. I really emphasized rhyming words this week and she did well with remembering them. In language arts for my oldest we started doing the work in the Oak Meadow text and we made a web on ideas to write about for rabbits. Next week we will be notebooking concepts, doing written work from Oak Meadow and start working on composing a paper.

Math is going OK. My youngest is starting to grasp some of the concepts for addition/subtraction within 40 but still struggles. She does have counting by 2's down. Yeah! My oldest is still complaining about long division and multiplication with regrouping. But she is making progress and getting better and quicker at her facts.

My youngest finished up her horse lapbook this week and it turned out really well. We made a collage of horse pictures to put on the cover. She requested a lapbook about Antarctica next. We are still working with Egypt primarily architecture. My oldest is almost finished with her rabbit lapbook.

For history, my oldest still thinks the colonials were a dull bunch but I have made her happy by putting together a working plan to concentrate on the presidents once we get past the Revolutionary war.

My oldest really likes the Oak Meadow science and I am happy with it too. We added in a lapbook on Ecosystems from Hands of a Child. This one:

We have decided to start working with Lively Latin again next week. We will probably take about 8 weeks to review previous material and then start with lesson 8 again. I think that we are ready to do this after a fairly long break. I will work one-on-one with my oldest on this.

Overall, it was a good week. We mostly stayed in due to the snow but we got housework caught up after we let many things go while everyone was ill.

So how was your week?


Anonymous said...

Healthy people definitely make for a better week; I was there last week too, so I completely understand. :)

Glad to hear you had a good week. Please share how everybody enjoys working with Lively Latin after taking a break!

Our week has been very good too. Also stayed in and caught up on things after having a sick child.

Des said...

Glad you are all healthy and that you had a great week.

sunnykim said...

The colonials? A "dull bunch"? How funny!!! Love it!

Thanks for the smile!

Moonbeam said...

I'm so glad everyone is healthy. It certainly makes it easier to get things done and it looks like y'all got a lot done.

We've had a relaxed week, but very productive.

Our Westmoreland School said...

You need to get into the cannibalism and other aspects of colonial life, not really, but maybe. Andrew could not believe the wierdness that went on once everyone started starving.

Thanks for sharing, it does sound like a good week.

Robyn said...

Glad your house is healthy again! It makes a big difference! Sounds like a good week, thanks for sharing!

Daisy said...

We tried our hand at a freebie lapbook this week and my daughter really had fun. I'm going to have to use these more often.

Looks like a great week.

Karen said...

Looks like a terrific week. That colonial rebellion period can drag on. My dd got a kick out of listening to the corresponding chapters from Our Island Story on librivox. We also love the Jim Weiss cd Thomas Jefferson's America.

Being healthy is a big improvement.

CloseAcademy said...

My kids just like ancient history. One loves the Greeks and the other likes Egypt. Lol.

Yes, it is nice to have everyone healthy again.

MissMOE said...

Thank goodness you are feeling better. This winter it seems like everyone is taking turns feeling sick at our house. Sounds like a good week. Thanks for sharing.


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