Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oak Meadow Science 5

I thought I would review our science curriculum. Oak Meadow's grade 5 science is called Environmental Science.

It starts out a little slow. The first few lessons are dull but once you get to lesson 5 and the real meat of the text things starting getting interesting and fun. You can go to Oak Meadow and find a table of contents in their samples to find out what is covered in the book exactly. But the bulk of the focus is on the environment from ecosystems to biomes to the solar system and how our bodies work. There is even a little physics thrown in.

So far, I've scanned through the first 18 weeks and I am finding that I really like this science. There is usually a little to read and some fun activities and/or discussion questions. Also, there are lots of addresses for writing letters to to get more information on a topic. So this curriculum even includes some composition.

As for the activities and experiments most of them are easy to do with things that you find around the house. Right now we are in the middle of the mold experiment and have 3 different foods in 3 different environments in baggies to find out what will happen.

So far, I am excited about Oak Meadow Science and I think that it is turning out to be the science we always wanted.

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