Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning

Look what I picked up at Aldi's. It is our new workbox cart. They have wheels and are perfect for school in our living room. I think that when we move back downstairs to the basement classroom when it is not so cold that these will fit nicely under the desks.
Today is Monday and our first day of using the new carts. Each girl has their own. I think they worked OK today but I can see where I really need to go through in the morning and make sure that I have my stuff together. Things were a little confused this morning.
For my oldest daughter we started the morning off with making a notebook page on statements as a type of sentence and then followed it up with the paragraph island lapbook found here: It is 50% off until midnight of the 22nd (which is today).
We are going to use it as a guide while she writes a paper on rabbits. She did the topic sentence today. We also started Latin back up and talked about gender (which she had forgotten) and looked at the 1st declension endings.
She also did her independent work without complaining. She will finish her rabbit lapbook this week.
My youngest is reading the book, The Bookstore Cat and we worked on the blend "fr." I also showed her that if you draw a circle, number spots 0 to 9 and then connect the 2's you get the 2's house. She seemed to like this visual and is getting the concept of counting by 2's down.
We also worked on addition within 40, 11 2 9 and 11 3 8 groups. Afterwards, we learned that Antarctica contains 10/12 of all the ice in the world and made a timeline of Egyptian architecture.
I think we had a good start to the day and the week. We have library time this afternoon and someone is stopping by to pick up curriculum we have sold as well. I cleaned off some of our shelved of curriculum that we are no longer using. I've already spent some of it on Singapore Math 2a/b books, the paragraph island lapbook and have some earmarked for Rod and Staff math books.
So how was the start to your week?


Anonymous said...

What a cool cart! It sounds like your Monday morning went pretty well in spite of the confusion. :)

We had a nice start to the week here too.

CloseAcademy said...

Yeah, I stocked the carts but forgot to go through and figure out what we were doing before I sat down to work with the girls.

Glad you had a good Monday.


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