Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Morning

There will be no library trip today as we are snowed in and most of the town is shut down. It is a white wilderness out there and we live in town. The girls are quite excited about the snowfall even though we never have snow days. They want to get out there in it all but it is still coming down fairly heavy.

As for school we had a great start to the week. My second grader has had some breakthroughs and suddenly she can look at a group of items that are less than 10 and tell me the number. She can also do addition within 10 without really thinking about it. Yes!

She also read her reader quickly only stumbling over a few words. We worked on the two times tables and she got that too.

My oldest is liking the visual times tables that I found and I think it might help her. She did very well today too. She loves Oak Meadow science and we've added an ecosystem lapbook to the material we are covering right now. Tomorrow we will finish the Ruth Heller book on verbs and start working on making sentences.

Our house bunny is still doing very well with the litter box and she is such a joyful addition to our family. She has started greeting me with squeak-grunts of happiness when I let her out of her cage in the morning. She is also doing a good job taking care of her blanket. She seems to know that it is special and so far has not gone potty on it. Most of the time she likes to lay on it and sleep or groom herself.

The cats are also doing well with the rabbit. Lovey, our little orange cat, has been trying to get Sweetheart to play with her and Fluffy no longer runs away.

I think that we will have a relaxed afternoon. Although we may spend that time catching up on chores that got let go during our time of illness. I am happy to say that everyone seems on the mend and things should be back to normal soon. How was your Monday morning?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, we love snow (sadly, we didn't see much when we lived in Delaware for the past 10 years. And we're New Englanders, so we loooove snow. But then we moved to Korea for the year, and what happened to the mid-Atlantic? KA-BLAM!).

If we see snow, we head outside for snowflake catching with our tongues. :)

We don't take snow days either or, come to think of it, holidays. Well, not many. We still "did school" on President's Day.

Glad to hear you had such a great start to the week!


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