Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning

Surprisingly this morning was a happy start. Everyone has come down with the cough I had last week. My youngest ended up sleeping in because I know that is the best way to help her body to heal and get over a cold. In fact, she is doing much better than yesterday.

So, this morning we did school backwards. Rather than working with my youngest first, I worked with my oldest first then let her do independent work while I worked with my youngest. It went great!

While my youngest ate cereal and woke up she listened in on my oldest's lessons in grammar then chimed in while we talked about environment for science. My oldest seemed to be able to focus better on the work rather than worrying about finishing up. She also didn't complain when it came time for her to do independent work. In fact she was in a pretty good mood and did an excellent job.

My youngest did have a little bit of trouble focusing during phonics and math but that was mostly because she was coughing so much. I am starting to think that maybe we will mix things up a little and invert the order of schooling.

This afternoon, we will be going to the library and we did have a field trip scheduled for the local children's science museum. They still want to go and given the fact that most kids have either had this virus or have been exposed, I may let them. It is really just a coughing thing.

But otherwise, we had a good start to the week. How was your Monday?

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