Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Morning

I have a horrible cold. It started as a dry cough than moved into a wet cough and now I am sneezy and have watery eyes. I haven't felt too feverish but I am so cold. I am the only one who is ill and so life has gone on.

Despite all this, we did have a good Monday morning. We had a new member of our classroom. Sweetheart the bunny has been moved inside with her own cage and is allowed to run loose when we are home. She is very good and has only had one accident outside of her cage since Thursday evening. She spent her schooltime napping and doing binkys (a hop in the air with a twist to show happiness).

Our reading lesson we very well. My youngest is reading a level 2 reader on Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. She only needed help with a few words. We also worked with words that start with the hard ch sound.

Math went OK. My youngest does not like math and is often difficult when we work on it. Today we worked on counting by 2, number order between 20 and 40, and place value. My oldest did well with her multiplication review work. She is getting quicker and quicker with the facts. She is also learning to read a word problem and know what method to use to solve it.

Lapbooks were a lot of fun this morning. We learned about papyrus, facial markings of horses and we learned that when a bunny licks you that they like you. My oldest is working on rabbit communication. That is how we know what a binky is.

We are almost finished with the Jolly Robin stories and so ready to move onto poetry. My youngest gets quite annoyed with Jolly. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is moving along. Edmund has just gotten to the Witch's house. My oldest enjoys this book more than my youngest.

In science we are finally getting to the meat of the text. Today, we got to put damp food into baggies in 3 different environments and over the next couple of weeks we will see which one grows mold quicker. Later this week we will get to use the microscope and thermometers.

I think that despite my cold that we had a good start to the week. How was your Monday?

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Anonymous said...

Our Monday was good as well; moved along quickly.

I hope you feel better soon!!!


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