Monday, February 15, 2010

Matching Presidents to Oak Meadow 5

My daughter was excited about Oak Meadow 5 history because it was American history and she wanted to study the presidents. She has been rather disappointed though that the first 1/3 of the lesson deal with the colonial period which she considers beyond dull.

I've taken time to go through the lessons and a list of the presidents and when they served. And after a few hours of work I was able to pull together a course of study that should last us until the spring of her 5th grade year. Which is about how long I wanted this curriculum to last us.

This is what we are looking at:

First we have to complete the work through lesson 21 and then the fun starts. We do Adams and Washington along with Ben Franklin in the lessons from 16 to 20.

Lesson 21--Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark
Lesson 22--Madison, Tecumseh and The war of 1812
No OM lesson--Monroe and Adams
Lesson 23--Jackson
Lesson 24--Van Buren and Native Americans
Lesson 25--Harrison and Tyler
Lesson 26 & 27--Frontier and Northwest Territory
Lesson 28--The Mexican-American War and Polk
No OM lesson--Taylor, Fillmore, Gold Rush and California
No OM lesson--Pierce & Buchanan and pre-war
Lesson 29--Lincoln and Civil War
Lesson 30--Johnson, underground railroad and planning trip
Lesson 31--Grant, geography, climate and trip project
Lesson 32--Hayes and trip project
Lesson 33-- Garfield, Arthur, culture and trip project
Lesson 34--Women and lapbook of Famous American Women
Lesson 35--Cleveland & Harrison and finishing up trip project
Lesson 36--Mckinley and trip project
No OM lesson--Roosevelt
No OM lesson--Harding & Coolidge
No OM lesson--Hoover & Great Depression lapbook
No OM lesson--Roosevelt & Great Depression lapbook
No OM lesson--Truman & Eisenhower
No OM lesson--Kennedy & Johnson
No OM lesson--Nixon & Ford
No OM lesson---Carter & Regan
No OM lesson--Bush & Clinton
No OM lesson--Bush & Obama

I am thinking that since the history portion of Oak Meadow 5 ends with the Civil War of adding in a couple of lapbooks from Hands of a Child specifically:


I think that with this course we will have a good year of American History and a survey of the presidents. What do you think?

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Joanna said...

I'm stealing your list here to use with my kiddo :)
I have been collecting a lot of presidential study supplies over the years and have just been waiting for an opportunity to use it. We are using OM5 this year so I will tuck the presidents in just how you've laid it out. THANKS!


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