Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost in the Forest of Easy Readers?

Have you ever gone to the easy reader section of your library to try to find a few books on your child's level only to become hopelessly lost in all the books there?

This has been a rather regular experience for me in the past. I look at the bookshelves and think to myself, "Surely, with all those books they have to have a level 1 reader that my daughter will enjoy. There has got to be one with cats, rabbits or horses."

And then I get to looking at the books and find plenty of level 1 readers on Scooby-doo or Clifford or Winnie the Pooh. Fine for other kids but not for my child who doesn't like those characters. It has been quite a struggle over the last year or so.

Until recently. I found a book my daughter liked called, Mittens. And so I looked up the series through my library and was able to find all the other books in this series and pick and choose which ones she would like. We put some on hold since they were checked out and over the next few weeks we were able to read several good books.

So when we finished those up, I tried searching my library system for Hello Readers and they are sorted by levels so I could go through the level 1s and 2s to find books my daughter would like. Again we place quite a few on hold and checked out 3. Over the next month, I expect we will get a couple of surprises when we check out books and my daughter will have books she likes and is willing to read.

In all of this, the lesson, I learned was to use the library computer system to find books rather than wander around the library in hopes that a book will jump out at me. I guess you could say that this is the time management tip for this week.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you on this; I go and look and definitely can't figure out what to get for my son half the time. For example, "Cars" is so popular, yet he showed no interest in the movie or related merchandise.

So I look for recommendations everywhere I can find them (Secular Homeschooling Magazine recently included a list of fabulous picture books), and do my best to muddle through the rest!

Ah, library computers. I still miss card catalogs. ;)

CloseAcademy said...

In college, I worked one summer barcoding the books in the college library. I miss card catalogs too but the computer search programs are great once you learn how to find things.

We've found some cute books lately but they are kitty, bunny, and horsey types of books which my dd loves. We've found some neat books in the non-fiction easy reader section too.


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