Saturday, February 13, 2010

Littter Training a House Rabbit

Yes, they can be litter trained. From what I have read the older they are the easier they are to train. And that it takes some time. So what are the strategies for litter training a rabbit?

1. Watch where she goes and put a litter box there.

2. Put newspaper under the litter box.

3. Put treats in the litter box.

4. Put any pellets you find in the litter box.

5. Talk to your rabbit about using the litter box.

6. When she has an accident, wipe it up, show it to her and rub it on the litter box saying "put it there."

7. Hope and pray she "gets" it.

We've been working on it for just over 2 weeks and we've gone from having numerous puddles and scattered pellets to clean up to having 1 or 2 off-newspaper puddles and a few pellets each day. I think it is similar to training a dog.

Once she figures out where to put things then we work on removing some of the litter boxes. From what I read in the early stages of training "the more the merrier" when it comes to litter boxes. Our hope is that she will eventually just have a litter box in her cage and use the cat's box otherwise.

But all of this is a great science project for my children. And Sweetheart is such a great pet.

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