Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Good Look at Oak Meadow 2

I finally took a good in-depth look at the Oak Meadow 2 syllabus and took notes on what is covered each week. It looks good. So what are my impressions?

The first 12 weeks is really a gearing up to the meat of the program. You spend a lot of time focusing on phonics, observation skills and reading stories to your children. There is also time spent with the 2 and 5's tables.

It is the second 12 weeks where the bulk of the activity takes place and the real meat of the program. During this period you finish up phonics and switch gears to more writing. There are still stories but you spend time making an illustrated calendar, writing numbers (50 at a time from 1-700), tables for 1-5 and 10's, and learn about coins. But the fun is all in the science activities. You look at various animals homes and make your own versions using various materials and similar techniques.

The last 12 weeks is still fairly meaty. There is a lot of writing, listening to stories, adding in the 6 and 7 tables, writing numbers (to 1000), place value, animals and types of animals. Plus learning all about the local community including landmarks, communication and natural resources. So basically, the last period can include lots of local field trips.

There are also all the arts and craft projects scattered throughout from crochet to clay to form drawing to painting to drawing.

We will start week 4 next week and I am happy with the pace, our progress and the potential of this curriculum. My only regret is that I did not use Oak Meadow 1 last year.


Laura said...

Thanks for the overview of the Oak Meadow 2.
Very interesting and informative to know about as we are in 1 right now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the review. I am strongly considering starting my soon to be 6 year old in OM2 in the fall. I have heard such mixed reviews though. I will be eager to hear how it goes for you!


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