Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's in the box?

I am excited about next week. I think we have a good line-up and we should have fun learning. The one disappointment is that we will not be reading The Vile Village. All three copies are checked out of our library and as usual the CD version does not work. So we have requested it and will be reading something else next week instead. So what is in the box?

Box 1--Reading: Second grade: Animal Friends and an easy reader from the library. She will also work on the last of the word families and we will start working with material from the second lesson which includes the "blend" pl. The word families are helping her to learn to blend words quicker and faster.

Fourth grade: She finished up the Time Warp Trio book and is waiting on a new Akiko book. She doesn't know what she will be reading yet.

Box 2--Math: Second grade: numbers 20-40, we will be working with the ten board as well as working in Singapore.

Fourth grade: working on division with remainders and doing the bridge lessons in Life of Fred.

Box 3--Lapbooks: Second grade: with horses she will compare two breeds, learning about horseshoes and speeds. With Egypt she wants to learn about the Sphinx, Tut and games that children play.

Fourth grade: For rabbits she will learn about how they move, territory, habitat and the diet of wild rabbits.

Box 4--Read Aloud: Either On the Banks of Plum Creek or we may start The Witch of Blackbird Pond early. We will also read the next four Jolly Robin stories.

Fourth Grade only boxes

Box 5--Spelling: List J-1, compound words, and the phonograms ew, ed, er, ir, ur, ear, wor. She will also start learning to type with the keys a, s, d, f, j, k, l, ;

Box 6--Grammar: The OM 5 grammar is a bit much right now and so we are going to put it on hold until she is ready for it. She will be learning about action, vigorous and auxiliary verbs this week using Ruth Heller's book Kites Sail High and Montessori grammar boxes and activities for verbs.

Box 7--Other: Science: Lesson 3 on the metric system

History: Lesson 4 on Pilgrims

I am hoping that we will find time to get creative again this next week but we do have a 4-H meeting. We may try to do some finger knitting. I am hoping that it will be a good week with progress made.

So what's in the box at your house?


Our Westmoreland School said...

It sounds like a busy upcoming week :) What is finger knitting?

Mandy in TN said...

We are really enjoying our boxes!


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