Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's in the box?

So what is in the box for next week?

Box 1--Reading: What's That Mittens? and Little Bear. We will also be working on rhyming word houses for aw, ay, ed, et, id, ig, il, and in.

Box 2--Math: 2nd grade: Singapore Math lessons in graphing and addition/subtraction facts within 10 review work.
4th grade: review work of division tables.

Box 3--Lapbooks: 2nd grade: classify horses, family words, identifying horses and foals.
4th grade: rabbit vocabulary and types of rabbits.

Box 4--Read Alouds: Jolly Robin stories, chapters 7-10 of The Ersatz Elevator. We may also read Where Are You Going Christopher Columbus?

The rest of the boxes are for fourth grade only.

Box 5--Spelling: Spell to Write and Read list I-3. She will work with abbreviations and verbs.

Box 6--Grammar: Vocabulary from lesson 2, independent and dependent clause work.

Box 7--Lesson blocks: Life of Fred lesson 2, More Explorers, Life of Fred lesson 3, and Scientific Ways of Knowing.

We are going to try things out this way and see how it works. I am hoping that by doing lesson blocks for the big subjects that I will be able to keep my oldest's attention better and longer. So what is in your boxes?


Karin said...

I love your "rabbit" box!! We are starting a Peter Rabbit lap book next week!!

CloseAcademy said...

There are some nice rabbit lapbooks out there and my oldest loves rabbits. Once in a while I will post pictures of our bunnies. Enjoy.


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