Monday, January 25, 2010

Read Alouds

I thought I would share our current read aloud list:

We are on the fourth chapter and have been reading it at bedtime. This is the edition we have.

This is the set that we have and we have been reading On the Shores of Plum Creek. It is our filler book for read aloud time when our next Lemony Snicket book is checked out by someone else. We are more than half way through.

We just finished reading this one at bedtime. It was interesting to learn a little about the mythology of ancient Egypt. I wish there was more though.

We are waiting on this book. Someone else has it checked out at present. We tried the CD version but for some reason whenever we check out CDs they never work.

So what are you reading aloud to the children?


Anonymous said...

I really wanted to start The Chronicles of Narnia this month, but my son found it boring a few pages in. Wah, wah. LOL

That's OK - I'll introduce it again when he is older and, if there is no interest, move on once more.

However, he always asks for Roald Dahl books to be read to him over and over and over again!

Oh, I'm also thinking about Lemony Snicket books - trying to gauge whether or not he will find them interesting. Those, and the Spiderwick Chronicles, but when I mention them he says, "No thanks." Well, maybe someday... :)

CloseAcademy said...

The Lemony Snicket books are filled with sarcasm. That's why my girls love them plus they are so horrid in all the stuff that happens.

I didn't think my girls were ready for Narnia and it just sort of happened when I was trying to help my oldest find something to read.

Eventually, they are ready for all the good books but it takes time for them to get there.


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