Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Verb Unit

We are starting a new unit on verbs next week and I thought I would post what we are using and where I found it. First our text is:

We will read a section each day that defines a type of verb or talks about something important to do with verbs. Then I will have my daughter make a page for her notebook that includes a definition and a picture for an example.

I have also found some nice Montessori style sorts which can be found in this post:

Just click on the links and follow the instructions. Each day I will either pick an activity from the language arts album or do one of the sorts for verbs.

I have found that doing grammar this way makes it a more visual and hands-on process so that the lesson stick more than working in a workbook. What have you found that makes grammar concepts stick?


Anonymous said...

We haven't actually tackled grammar - just reading and spelling. We will be doing grammar in 2nd grade, so I am looking for fun and interesting resources to model parts of speech, punctuation, etc. I'll have to take a look at this book. :)

CloseAcademy said...

Ruth Heller wrote books for nouns, collection nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverts and one on conjunctions and interjections.

We've done several of the books and they are really good at explaining the concepts.

Sally said...

I just checked several in a series by Brian Cleary. I think the series is called "Words are CATegorical" -- very comical illustrations with rhyming, catchy, silly text. There is one for nouns, verbs, prepositions (the one in my lap, titled Under, Over, By the Clover: What is a Preposition?)adverbs, pronouns and so forth.


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