Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning

I think that we are off to a good start and seem to be settling into a routine. Things went very well this morning.

My youngest did well at reading and is getting to know the Oak Meadow word "families." She also seems more relaxed since we put Rod and Staff on hold in favor of Singapore math for a while. She is enjoying the stories of Jolly Robin and working hard on her horse lapbook. After watching a TV show called, Tutenstein (on Discovery Kids), she would like to learn more about Ancient Egypt so I will be checking out some books for her and maybe adding in a lapbook on Egypt as well. Her school work only takes about 30-40 minutes so this will give her a little more to do.

My oldest grumbled about division but did well. She is enjoying the rabbit lapbook and we did lesson 2 from Life of Fred today. She thinks the story is silly and I don't think she really sees where it is all going.

We also read another chapter of the Ersatz Elevator. Lemony Snickett is really good at introducing all sorts of new vocabulary to kids. They never want me to stop reading his books but I can't read all day and it is good for them to have to wait in suspense between chapters.

A good day and hopefully the start of a good week. I think that we are finding our flow and the girls seem ready to get to work. How was your Monday?

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Our Westmoreland School said...

I'm getting ready to toss up a blog on our Monday... once we finish it.

It sounds like yours has gone very well, thank you for sharing :)


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