Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Full Day of Oak Meadow

We tried everything out today and gave it a first run. And here are my observations:

It took us about 2 hours to finish. I had my oldest do independent/review work while I worked with my youngest. Then I did read alouds and switched to working with my oldest. It looked like this:

my youngest read to me/ worked on phonics while my oldest read to herself
my youngest worked on math, horse words/my oldest worked on review of the multiplication tables
I read Jolly Robin's second story "Learning to Fly."
I did the main lesson with my youngest.
While my youngest worked on copying her sentence and drawing her picture, I worked with my oldest on spelling and read to her the first lesson from Life of Fred Fractions.
I read from "The Ersatz Elevator."
I dismissed my youngest and worked with my oldest on vocabulary, grammar and the history lesson. Then we did the science lesson and were done.

I think this schedule might be OK.

The 5th grade reading is too much reading for my oldest but I was expecting that. My hope is to gradually turn the reading over to her little by little.

I think that 2nd grade is going to work very well for my youngest but we are probably going to need to stretch out the 5th material so that my oldest can take her time going through it all. I kind of regret not tracking down a 4th grade syllabus but I think that things will work out OK the way they are.

My oldest did not like the first book about Columbus. We will probably skip that book. She honestly thinks that Columbus is a real boring guy. My children have always liked Lief Erickson so much more.


Anonymous said...

How will you stretch out the 5th grade material? Will you supplement with library books or other materials? I'm curious about what you will do and how it works out!

I think it is great how they prefer Erickson over Columbus. I think Columbus gets all the "fame" anyhow for coming to America, but Erickson doesn't get nearly as much attention. LOL

CloseAcademy said...

I am thinking that we will just take our time reading through the material. My plan is to slow down the lessons so that she can take over the reading and so that we can take time to work on the writing portions.

She does OK with reading. She is great at composition but actually writing is a place where she is weak. So I am hoping to use this year to help her catch up these skills.

We'll see how it all works out. Right now I am having a hard time figuring out how to schedule and balance everything. Lol.

Laura said...

We are using Oak Meadow for my six year old and will order next year for my older child as well (she will be in 6th grade then). I came across your blog while looking up Oak Meadow reviews. I would love to check in to see how you are using and enjoying the curriculum.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by Laura. I do weekly reports and updates on what we will do the next week.

Laura J said...

We are also beginning OM 5th grade soon. I just bought them on ebay and they will arrive soon. We used it in grade 1, but this is our first try since then, with a formal curriculum. We are also going to have to stretch it out. My son has trouble writing still and I know the assignments are going to be hard for him, so we are taking our time. I'll keep checking back too. Good luck.

barefoot mama said...

We're doing Oak meadow 2 and Oak meadow k This year. I'm excited to have found you! Barefoot Mama


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