Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's in the box?

I thought I would do this post first this week. Next week is our second week of our light holiday workload. So what are we doing?

Box 1--reading: second grade: Happy Feet Friends Forever
Fourth grade: Akiko books

Box 2--math: second grade: addition within 10. We are finishing up unit 1 of grade 2 Rod and Staff.
Fourth grade: multiplication 7 and 8.

Box 3--copywork: second grade: copyscribe horses
Fourth grade: copyscribe pets

Box 4--spelling: list I-2 with my fourth grader

Box 5--lapbook: penguins

Box 6--read aloud: The Austere Academy by Lemony Snickett

I think it will be a good week. This is our last week of spelling until January and I've decided to add copywork back in because we are not doing enough writing. I used to have them do copywork but quite because someone told me that it is something that could be covered by work in other subjects. But honestly--that isn't happening. My girls are pencil-phobic and doing writing work in other subjects is a real horrible experience.

So I am hoping that by bringing back copywork that we can work toward doing real writing.

So what's in your boxes this week?

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