Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weekly Report December 4, 2009

I have now come to hate Thursdays. My second grader does very well on Mondays through Wednesdays but for some reason she becomes a monster on Thursdays. And it always comes to a head over math. OK that is out of the way.

It was a good week. We weren't too busy and had a fun time for the most part. The Polar Express lapbook was OK. The girls liked it but I thought it was a little flimsy. Next week we are doing penguins so I am hoping that it is a better one.

My fourth grader is doing well with multiplication facts and after the New Year we will move onto a review of division then go back to fractions before moving onto the decimal work in Singapore. We are using Rod and Staff for this review work and I just have to say that I love Rod and Staff when it come to review work. They are the best.

Reading went will with my second grader. She earned her first prize for reading 10 books. She got Bella Sara little horses. Her reading is improving and I am going to keep it up over the holidays. I've been picking out easier books for her to read so she can have more success than the with the harder books she likes to read where we are having to sound out just about every word.

I added in copywork on Thursday. Writing is something that is really beyond lacking in our homeschool and they just aren't getting enough practice by writing in other subjects. The lapbooks usually have answers that are too hard for them to write because they are not spelling well yet. I like copywork and I think it will be a nice addition to our homeschool.

We only have 3 chapters left in the Austere Academy and it has been a rather interesting book and I am sure it has made my children's opinion of schools even lower. Monday, I hope to check out the next book in the series as we should finish it up next week. This is another subject that we will continue over the holidays.

So how was your week?

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