Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekly Report December 11, 2009

This week went much better. It has been wet, windy and cold all in that order. We stayed in most of the week and horseback riding lessons were cancelled due to the high winds. Our workload got lighter this week and today went very well. I think we are turning the corner and getting back into a happier state of mind.

So how did things go and what did we do?

Reading--I found some easier easy readers for my second grader that she was willing to read and things are going more smoothly in that area.

Math--Second grade: She worked on addition within 10.
Fourth grade: multiplication by 6 and 7.

Copywork--My oldest worked on copyscribe's pet book and my youngest worked on their horse book.


Read aloud--We finished The Austere Academy and started The Ersatz Elevator. We are really enjoying this series of books.

Overall, I was very happy with our week.

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