Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Second Grade Ordered

I ordered Oak meadow Second grade for my second grader today. Yeah! Sometime between January and February we will start working with Oak Meadow. It all depends on when they arrive.

I've been reading through the archives at the Oak Meadow yahoogroup and have found that most people who use Oak Meadow tend to stay with it and a lot of people regret not using it in the early years. I am excited to see how it goes.

In the past we have tried a variety of curriclums and methods but Oak Meadow was my first choice. I strayed away because I really didn't understand the preschool curriculum. After playing with Charlotte Mason, spending time with Sonlight, using the Classical framework, tangling with Tapestry of Grace, wandering through Waldorf and mingling with Montessori, I think that I am ready to try a boxed curriculum again. I haven't done so since preschool.

My plan is to use Oak Meadow as our framework. We will continue to use Singapore and Rod and Staff for math. And Spell to Write and Read for spelling. Lapbooks will also continue to be apart of our work as they come up in our studies and we will use the Montessori materials to help when needed as well.

I am excited about the coming year.


Anonymous said...

I like your idea about having a framework and then using other programs that work for you. That is how we do it too.

This winter break is the perfect time to look ahead to and prepare for next year's work.

CloseAcademy said...

I'm thinking about moving my kids up to the next grade in Januarys now. My oldest is a bit ahead and my youngest a bit behind so it would make sense.

G said...

We're slowly returning to Oak Meadow too. I'm changing some of the reading lists (my son is not interested in Heidi for 4th grade), and we'll stick with ETC and Saxon Math as well. But overall, OM is really complete-feeling!


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