Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Morning

I am kinda feeling down today. My dad went in the hospital Saturday night/Sunday morning (read: middle of the night) because of chest pain. They didn't think it was his heart but after running more tests he may have to have angioplasty this afternoon. It has been six years since his last incident and it seemed like we were out of the woods.

So it brings back all the thoughts and feelings and such. You see, I have a younger brother and I worry about him. I really don't want to lose my dad because I love him too. All I can say is that when your parents start to have health problems it is sometimes an emotional roller coaster. I should know since my mother had "the big one" about 3 years ago but she is doing fine right now and hasn't had an incident in about a year.

You know, taking care of your heart is very important. Eating right, exercise, not smoking and making sure that your loved ones know they are loved all help. But if you or someone you love is having chest pains, heartburn, pain down their arm, shortness of breath, not feeling well or feeling tired all the time--get them checked out.

Because listening to heart pain is very important. My dad self-medicated with baby aspirin for 5 years before he took it seriously and by then he ended up with by-pass surgery. My mom almost didn't make it. If God hadn't put people in her path after she drove to the hospital she may have died in the parking lot but luckily there was someone there to help her in. So listen to the heart pain and get it check out.

Other than that, it has been a quiet morning. We didn't have school today and are on vacation until next Monday. My Oak Meadow stuff is still on its way. And I spent most of the morning working on the budget for next year. I know sounds boring but important.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful vacation and enjoying time with their family. Have a good Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Your family is in my thoughts.


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