Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Big Projects Ahead

I think that maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew but it was volunteer or not be able to use some great resources. So what have I done?

For the Montessori Curriculum math group, I am going to make cards for:

equivalency levels 1 and 2

I've been studying the information and I think it should go fairly easy. Except for the whole adding pictures/illustrations to the cards but some one is going to do that for me.

For the language group, I am making cards for:

superlative adjectives
different types of plurals

These groups are sister groups to the Montessoritween group on yahoogroups. In addition to the Montessori work, I have also volunteered to gather the information on lapbooks for Columbia and Russia for Homeschoolshare's countries of the world lapbook series.

Now, I am not doing it all right this minute. These are all projects that I will be working on during spring semester. Right now, I am working on the equivalency cards and later on I will work on the other materials. I have a feeling once I am approved for the adjective and plural cards that I will do those first then work on the math cards.

Wish me luck.

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