Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weekly Report November 13, 2009

It was a good start back. I think the blocks are going to work a little better for us rather than trying to do numerous subjects every day. So how did it go?

second grade--we are making progress although it is frustrating. She is an intelligent child who could read if she wanted to but she hasn't decided that it is important yet.

fourth grade--she is still reading the series of books by Mark Crilley.

second grade--she is doing well with the review of subtraction within 6.

fourth grade--I am having her work on exercises from Rod and Staff grade 4. She is still reviewing multiplication facts.

We are working on list H and it is going well. I had my youngest do while I dictated the list to my oldest. But they are both working on the enrichment work with the words.

The Zebra lapbook from Hands of a Child was great. We learned a lot and really enjoyed it. The Lion lapbook from was good but there were a 2 pieces that we couldn't do because there wasn't the information there to complete those pieces.

Read Aloud:
On the Shores of Plum Creek was all about parties and school this week. They enjoyed it but we are missing the Lemony Snickett books. Hopefully we will get the next book soon. It has been on reserve for two weeks now.

I think that we are making good progress despite the learning walls that we hit a few weeks ago. Next week should be OK and then we have Thanksgiving week off and three more weeks of school before winter break. I have high hopes that after Christmas they will be ready to move on in math and we will have some breakthroughs in reading for my youngest.

How was your week?

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