Saturday, November 21, 2009

Prepping Units

I spent some time yesterday, preparing upcoming units that we are going to do. I got the stuff together for December. We are doing a lapbook on Antarctica and one on The Polar Express. We may do one on penguins as well since there has been a request for such but I don't have that one pulled together yet.

But this inspired me to start putting together my information and such for our history units for January and December. I put together one folder that is filled with information on creation, the big bang, and early eras. We will be digging through all this stuff in January and finishing it off with a lapbook on dinosaurs.

Then I put together another folder that is filled with information on coming of man, needs of humans, and the development of writing and numbers. There are also charts on the stone age and the evolutionary family tree. I wasn't planning on introducing these topics to my children at this age but recently, I caught the last 2 parts of PBS documentary on "Becoming Human." They joined me and were engrossed. They asked intelligent questions and were interested in learning more about these early forms of human life.

My oldest has also started asking very intelligent questions about the Adam and Eve stories vs evolutionary record and what is true and what is not true. This is all very exciting. I've been waiting a long time to have these kinds of discussions with my children. Of course, shortly after I told her about the three main points of view she wandered back into talking about Webkinz but she is thinking.

I am very excited about the next three months of work and I am hoping to see more sparks of learning and questions in both of my children.

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