Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Ancient History Curriculum

We are going to start ancient history in January. Yeah! So what are we going to use?

Well, I've decided not to use a spine. Instead we are going to use a combination of Montessori resources, lapbooks and good books to learn about the ancients. Here's our line-up:

Creation/beginnings of the world This has stories and hands-on activities to go with the big bang, coming of life, needs of humans, early scripts and number systems Has some great timelines to download and charts of scripts and such.

We will spend some time comparing creation vs evolution. Look at early eras and do a lapbook on dinosaurs. Found at this site: .

Early Man
We will use the stories from the 5 Great Lessons site and look at the charts from Free for the coming of man and early writing. We will also read the stories of Adam and Eve through Noah.

Our lapbook will be on the Ice Age found here:

Then we are onto early civilizations. We are going to study these by culture group. The lapbooks are:

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient India

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Ancient China

Our book list includes:

I am not sure if we will use the Famous Men series as published by Memoria press with the color pictures or if we will just use the free copies found here:

So that is what our history studies looks like for the next year. Our plan is to also include stories from the Children's Bible when it relates to the culture we are studying. We may finish up by Christmas or we may take longer. I plan to restart Latin studies when we find our way to Rome.

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Julia said...

Interesting. I'm planning our second go around with ancients next year. I like seeing the plans others have come up with.


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