Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Organizing Curriculum

How do you keep track of all the various curriculum and materials that you have on hand to teach various subjects and skills? Do you keep them in a box? On a bookshelf? Do you have them sorted by size? grade level? subject?

Today, for Tuesday's organization post we are going to talk about how to organize curriculum. My method of grouping items can be used on shelves or boxes. This is what I do:

I use shelves and each shelf or group of shelves is dedicated to a subject: Language arts, science, math, history, art, literature, readers/books, foreign language, etc.

Within the subject shelf, curriculum is sorted by levels so that all the math curriculum for first grade is together, etc. Then each shelf has a binder of ideas. These are things that I print off the Internet and can include anything from mini-office to games to worksheets, etc. And then any other resources are on the shelf. The History shelf is arranged in order of time period.

I've found that since organizing my shelves by subject and grade level that things are easier to find. I hope this helps.

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