Monday, November 30, 2009

The Monday Post

We had a fun start to the month of December. I spent a lot of time before school this morning going through all my teacher and thematic websites looking for more ideas to go with Penguins, Antarctica and The Polar Express. Didn't find much.

We started this week with The Polar Express because I thought we would be nice and get the book back to the library in case any one else in town needed it. We did the lapbook pieces on the vocabulary, letter to Santa and the first present of Christmas. Fun!

Math went well with both girls and my youngest started reading a book about penguins. Yes, penguins are the big hit around here. Everyone loves penguins. They both also bought baby Webkinz penguins with their spending money this month and my youngest named hers "private" after the little penguin on "Penguins of Madagascar."

It was a good start to the week.

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