Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Hard Week

I know it is a bit early for the weekly update but this week was different. Monday morning I got a phone call to come back and have more pictures done because there was a dense spot on my baseline mammogram. This call came in during math and I called off school for the rest of the week.

Friday morning I had a mammogram and then we had McDonald's and playgroup at the park. It was nice to finally be back outside to play after all the rain and cancelled play dates. We do have an indoor location this winter at the gym of a local church. The kids had a great time and then they went to another child's birthday party that evening and had even more fun. My husband and I used that time to go out to eat with just the two of us. It was nice.

Saturday was fun. I had a fairy bunny and a pink cowgirl. They were so cute. We trick-or-treated in the neighborhood like always and they came home with 4 pumpkins full of candy. It was a lot.

Monday went OK and I am scheduled to have more pictures done on Thursday morning. We spent the rest of the day watching "Bee Movie" and going to the library. Luckily, I have stumbled across a bunch of good books after a bit of a dry run.

Tuesday, wasn't so good. We found some good deals at Target and Walmart. I got 2 GE light bulbs and 4 bags of marshmallows for $1.39 at Target. But my youngest was acting up and my oldest was emotional most of the day.

Today was good though. We went Krogering and I got 9 containers of snuggle for free and 8 boxes of Cheese-it for 25 cents each. Yeah.

Then it was off to horseback riding lessons with my youngest. She really does a good job and her instructor says that she is making a lot of improvement. I could see it today as she got her horse to go where she was supposed to. In the past the horse has led my daughter more. We also got to see the new horses and greet the baby horse (6 months old). My oldest spends most of her time there playing with the dog. She has really gotten over her fear of bigger dogs.

I am nervous about the tests in the morning but my husband will be with me. From what I have heard and read, a lot of people get called back the first time and most of the time it isn't cancer for some one as young as I am. I'll let you know how it goes.

So did you have a good week? We've enjoyed our break and I may be revamping things when we come back to school. I am thinking that the workboxes are nice for organizing but they are also a bit stifling.

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