Monday, November 9, 2009

First Day of Subject Blocks

I think it is going to work. Here is how it went.

We started with reading. My oldest finished up a book and I worked with my youngest as she read "Shetland Ponies."

Math for my oldest was hard today. She did OK with the worksheet I printed out from (a site with free supplements for Singapore math) but she melted down with the multiplication drill sheets. She has this block on 8s and basically, I've looked at the math books and we are stuck. We can't go on unless she knows the fraction material and what she is lacking to understand the fractions is her weakness in multiplication.

My youngest did well in math and we continue to make progress.

Spelling went well and we followed it with a chapter from "On the Shores of Plum Creek." They liked having quite a bit of time to really talk about and delve into learning about lions and zebras.

I think it went well. We just need to get math straightened out.

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jennybell said...

I feel for your daughter and her multiplication tables. In public school everyone in the class had to pass a drill test on the tables. Those who didn't pass it the first time, had to take it again the next week, and so on. I don't remember how many times I took it, but I know I was one of the last 4 in the class to pass it.

Here's my suggestion for your frustrated daughter - give her a drill test with no 8's. Do some manipulation work on 8's. Next time, add in the 8's you know she knows and do manipulation work on 8's. Take as much time as she needs without the pressure of drills. It's OK if you don't "move on" for a few weeks or months.

BTW, I graduated from college with a BA in Mathematics.


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