Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crazy Week

It has been one of those busy, busy weeks. Monday after school we went to the library and then to Kidscommons. At Kidscommons every month there is a homeschool "field trip." This month they were doing architecture. Now I need to take them by the visitor's center after the library on Monday so that they can see the movie about our city and its architecture.

Tuesday, I got my hair done and that took up a good portion of the afternoon.

Wednesday was grocery shopping which is always a chore that takes up the entire afternoon since we have at least 2 stores to visit. We got more free Snuggle and picked up All for a great deal. We also stopped by Kohls to use the -10/$10 card we got in the mail.

Today, the girls have a dentist appointment. No big deal, huh? We'll the only dentist we could find in our area that does well with sensitive children is about 45 minutes away in a larger city. So we will stop by Panera on the way to pick up bagels (a twice a year treat).

Tomorrow is playgroup and I have to come up with a craft. I want to do animal track rubbings because I think the children would really enjoy it and I have it all together all ready. But since we might not have playgroup next week they are wanting Thanksgiving crafts.

I am looking forward to the weekend and the end of the busy week. Although we are going to try to make it so that the rabbits stay warmer this winter and that is going to involve building projects. So no real relief there. I guess we are paying for that week off last week.

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