Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Workboxes and Waldorf

I just got a request for ideas on using workboxes with Waldorf education. Wow! There is a lot of ideas for that. Here they are:

Your main lesson block materials could be kept in the box so that all of your materials, ideas and lesson books are in the same spot for easy use.

Something I did with my craft materials was to make a box for each type of craft so that when we wanted to do that activity we had everything together. So I have boxes for:

modeling wax
play dough
beads including a loom

Some of the boxes are small and some are larger depending on what I have. For instance, I keep my block crayon set in a plastic pencil box like those sold at Walmart (I pick these boxes up at garage sales for as little as 10 cents). I have my felting needles and brush in a small box like this but it is kept inside a larger box with the wool and felt pieces.

I also have my gnomes, little clay pots and gems in a small pencil box. I add it to the larger math box when we are ready to do a story with the gnomes.

All of my ideas, lesson plans and stories are kept in binders by subject and I pull them out and put them into the box when we are working with that idea.

I love the Waldorf philosophy of education and we use some of it in our classroom but we are not true Waldorf followers. Mostly we use the idea of making our own "textbooks." For math, grammar, and spelling we do a lot of what I call notebooking but it is really where we visually explain something important.

I hope this helps some. It is sort of a choppy post. Over the next two weeks, I will be posting pictures of our new history, grammar and geography boxes. I will also try to post some pictures of our notebooking which is Waldorf inspired.

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