Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's in the box?

I thought I would reverse the order of the posts this week and write about what is in the box for next week first before giving a review of the week. I think we have a nice November lined up and it all starts with next week. So what's in the box?

Box 1--Read Aloud: By the Shores of Plum Creek unless the Austere Academy comes into the library. Laura and Mary's adventures are pretty tame compared to the Beaudalaires but when our books are checked out it is a nice change.

Box 2--Poetry: we will start our poetry lapbook with learning about rhymes and even creating our own twist to "Jack and Jill."

Box 3--Math: Second grade: We are reviewing subtraction within 6 and below.
Fourth grade: review work and she is doing multiplication drills. We have set up an incentive program for her. She has 10 categories to check off of types of problems and she must be able to do 10 problems a minute in all 10 categories and she will get a $3 prize.

Box 4--Spelling: List H-2 this week and the phonogram "oa."

Box 5--History: What Katy Did chapters 3 and 4.

Box 6--Science: Second grade: Zebra lapbook
Fourth grade: Lion lapbook

Box 8--Reading: Second grade: she has an incentive program. If she reads 10 books she gets a $3 prize. If she reads 100 books she gets a $25 prize. We did this with our oldest and it really gave her a kick-start to learning to read. She read 2 books this week and is working really hard. We stop every time she doesn't know a word and sound it out by writing down the letters, then we start at the beginning of the sentence and read it again until she gets to another word she doesn't know. It is a long painful process but we are making progress.

I think it will be a good week next week.

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