Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's in the box?

I am hoping that this next week goes better and I changed some things in the boxes. So what's in the box this week?

Box 1--Read Aloud: The Wide Window(finishing it up) and The Mill.

Box 2--Grammar: descriptive, non-specific, details and predicate adjectives. We will notebook the types and do phrase sorts.

Box 3--Math: Grade 2: Shapes in Singapore Math, Rod and Staff work on addition within 10.
Grade 4: Graphing in Singapore math and worksheets on multiplication with sixes and sevens.

Box 4--Spelling: List G part 2 and compound word activities.

Box 5--History: finishing up the timeline, the lapbook and weaving a coaster. Yeah!

Box 6--Geography/Biomes: insects, mammals, oxygen and bromelaids in the Rainforest.

Box 7--Reading: October words and reading books.

Box 8--Get Creative: 4-H projects and painting sun catchers. I hope we get to it this week.

It looks like a lot of fun. The next thing in history is the Civil War but I don't think my kids will want all the bad stuff. Would I be a bad mom if we just watched "Gone with the Wind" and went onto the Victorians? I was thinking of using a nice Victorian girlhood novel and making a lapbook for it. What do you think?

So what's in your boxes?

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