Monday, October 19, 2009

What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge

Next week for history we will start a unit study using this book. I am almost done putting things together. For each chapter I have a number of activities and even a lapbooking piece or two.

I am making the lapbooking pieces myself because I couldn't figure out how to use the templates from Homeschoolshare.

There are also ideas in the unit on crafts and I even want to make a recipe envelope so that if the children wanted to recreate some of the dishes mentioned in the book they could.

So what is the book about and why are we using it for a history unit?

Katy is a young girl and the eldest. She is sloppy and clumsy and has all the good intentions in the world but she messes up a lot. Then she is hurt and goes through God's school and learns how to be patient and neat and thoughtful.

The book is fairly typical of fiction written for girls during the late-Victorian period and it also talks about the kinds of things that went on day-to-day during that period. The games children played, how they dressed and what they thought about.

The book is about 13 chapters long and has a lot of action so it should keep my daughters' attention.

We wanted to do something for history that was more everyday life rather than dealing with a lot of the political and social issues of the times in an abstract way. I am hoping that it will be a fun learning experience.

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